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Oblomov Communitas (Deconstructing The Order)
Before we start having a look at the records itself, let me introduce you to the band with a few sentences. Oblomov, founded in 2000 is a Czech band from a small city called Slaný. The name is derrived from a novel of Russian writer Goncarov. After a demo back in 2001 and an EP called "Wishing The Renaissance" in 2002, they released ... more/mehr


Oceans Of Sadness Mirror Palace
With this album Mirror Palace the Avantgarde Metal band Oceans Of Sadness from Belgium is back in business. Their fourth output contains 10 musical spheres that combine successfully Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Pain Of Salvation and Ministry. The final product sounds absolutely convincing yet you will need time to discover all ... more/mehr


Odium Beautiful Violence
The Germans Odium (Vocals: Ralf, Guitar: Rochus, Guitar: Dave, Bass: Beli, Drums: Matze) have beenb around for incredible 20 years. Their 7th studio album (recorded at Noisehead Studios, produced by Mario Jezik) shows right from the start with "Used to Be Me" which direction the musical journey goes - Old-School Thrash, plus a portion ... more/mehr


Odyssey Reinventing the Past
FUCKING GREAT! Unfortunately it´s a rare event that a CD simply kicks you out of your socks right away, and that expectations raised by the first track are not getting disappointed until the very last song, a CD with that instant-fave potential to be destined for endless-over-and-over-rotation in your stereo.... To make it short, ... more/mehr


Officium Triste Giving Yourself Away
The fourth studio album of this Dutch band would even have received a higher rating, if it wasn´t the first of those six long songs (“Your Eyes”) that stuck out in a negative way: Those clean vocals sound too weird and nerve-straining, as if someone who can´t sing just tries... Yet soon afterwards Pim Blankenstein proves that indeed ... more/mehr



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