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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Oomph! Delikatessen
Since Oomph! had a great hit with their single „Augen auf!“ they may be known to most people. After several successful releases Dero, Crap and Flux now offer a so-to-speak-Best-of-album, on which every single record of the trio has been taken into consideration. On two CDs there are all in all 38 tasty titbits. On the first disc ... more/mehr


Opaque Buff Street Decadence
In the German language, there is this saying that some things are so bad that they are almost good. Opaque Buff are such a case. Well, to be honest, I was surprised when I figured out during my research that there was a line-up change at the mike in the year of 2010. The voice that surfaces after the intro of the opener "Red Lights" ... more/mehr


Opera IX Strix - Maledictae in Aeternum
The album title and the intro with its monk choir gives the impression that the main theme here is the inquisition/witch hunt... "Strix Maledictae In Aeternum", the new album from the Italian band OPERA IX, was mastered at the Necromorbus Studio in Alvik, Sweden - where symphonic black metal meets Doom and Pagan, which is a good ... more/mehr


Opeth Heritage
Oh Opeth what have you done? I think it was never that hard for me to get into a new Opeth album, not to mention how tough it was to turn those impressions and ideas floating around in my head into something like an opinion/review. There you have the explanation, why it took so long. I started countless times to write this review. ... more/mehr


Ophidian I Solvet Saeclum
Iceland is not your typical Heavy Metal country. There are only very few bands that managed to make an international breakthrough. Interestingly, almost all Icelandic bands that are known in the European underground scene have dedicated themselves to the dark side of Metal. And Ophidian I are no exception to that rule. Their debut ... more/mehr



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