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Oslo Ess Verden På Nakken, Venner I Ryggen
The Norwegian band Oslo Ess, with singer Asmund Lande, is not yet that popular outside of their home country. After the band first met in 2007, it took until 2010 till the band became a proper and actively running project. And now they publish their already second album „Verden På Nakken, Venner I Ryggen“ and, it´s easy to ... more/mehr


Otto Dix Starost
The CD I´m daily listening to is called „Starost“ (2007) from the russian band Otto Dix. To answer the style-question, well, difficult, seems to be too easy to name it darkwave or gothic-industrial, the sound is too specific, individual - and this starts with the voice from in russian language singing Michael Draw. The tune is dark, ... more/mehr


Otto Dix Wonderful Days
The dedicated label Danse Macabre by Cottenau Castle, Germany, has pushed another album of the - in the dark scene in Russia very trendy - Electro Goth band OTTO DIX on the German market. This is courageous, because it still seems to be for the German listeners rather difficult, to let music of other than in English or German ... more/mehr


Otto Dix Mortem
Through Europe stretches a special East-West-equator, a fine line between Slavic and Western mentalities. For the eastern musicians it´s damn hard to find the acceptance in the western ears; even more difficult, almost impossible, if singing in the own language. As with Otto Dix from St.Petersburg. But that´s good, even if ... more/mehr


Otto Dix Anima
The Russian Electro Goth machine from St.Petersburg - tirelessly as always in its ten years of existence - pushed the next iron into the fire: "Anima" is since the end of last year at the start; since August 2014, the label Danse Macabre takes care of the distribution in Germany.

Gentle and richer with melodies than ever ... more/mehr



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