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Officium Triste The Pathway
It is always a bit difficult to write about re-releases, but not in this case. Officium Triste should already be a household name in the Metal/Doom scene, and if you didn´t have a chance in 2001 to capture this excellent piece of real slow, depressive Funeral-music Doom – the right soundtrack for gloomy autumn evenings - you should ... more/mehr


Officium Triste Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years Of Hurt
Officium Triste are celebrating their 15th anniversary. What could be better than celebrating this with a CD? Instead of just producing one of those unneccessary Best of Compilations, that simply contain old stuff everybody already has, they put some more effort in doing this one and made it thus interesting even for the bigger fans ... more/mehr


Ohrbooten Spieltrieb
With their debut „Spieltrieb“ the Ohrbooten from Berlin offer an intelligent piece of music. On 13 more or less variable tracks the quartet turns topical themes into songs. In “Eurose” the boys complain about the consequences of the European currency. “Dschungelpartei” and “Politix” get even with the work of the politicians. Also ... more/mehr


Ohrenfeindt Auf die Ohren!!!
OHRENFEINDT is no band with a big hopp-la, no band which has to hide its unability with lots of effects. “Auf die Ohren!!!” doesn´t sound spectacularly and has to fight to get attention, other bands in this genre get that with lotsa bombast and a heavy use of effects. All mid speed Songs, no experiments in Songwriting and solid guitars. ... more/mehr


Ohrenfeindt Auf die Fresse ist umsonst
On the Kiez, Hamburg St.Pauli, some old hands have been already on their way, like the Beatles or Hans Albers or – just to use the same breath - Ohrenfeindt, who pave the shelves since 1994 with discs. What AC/DC for free bouncing kangaroos, is Ohrenfeindt for the lively herrings – like this just to tackle the first ... more/mehr



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