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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Outcast First Call/ Last Warning
France doesn't only bring us baguettes, but also the thrash-core band Outcast. Staccato riffs with growling vocals mow down everything. The solos cut into your ears. They take no prisoners. The melodies are soothing one moment, only to come crashing down on you the next. Hammering snares and cymbals accompany the bass drums. ... more/mehr


Outtakes True Stories Based On Lies
In order to act as a warm-up for another band, Pasi (vocals and lead guitar), Teemu (guitar), Ville (bass) and Tuomas (drums) formed the project “Punkstar Outtakes” in a cold, sleety night in Helsinki. As it was clear that they are punks and also stars, the "Punkstar" was removed from the bandname quite soon - but the band itself ... more/mehr


Ov Hell Underworld Regime
When leaders of the international Black Metal scene, like Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) and King (former Gorgoroth) are gathering companions from other bands like Satyricon, 1349 or Enslaved to attack all Christian values, you can expect great things. Hard to imagine: the atmospherical brilliancy of Dimmu Borgir combined with the harsh ... more/mehr


Overkill ReliXIV
Overkill are not getting tired of releasing one great album after another, even after 2 decades in the music biz, although the very good years have passed. None of their already released albums have been bad or average. And with ReliXIV they continue this tradition. In 2005 they actually sound essentially more agressive than in ... more/mehr


Overland Epic
Those who were teenagers in the late 80s, like me, will immediately hear something familiar in the music of Overland. This is the type of Hardrock that was considered mainstream back then. I´m not saying this to put this album down, quite the contrary. The music of “Epic” is absolutely listenable, radio friendly and so catchy that ... more/mehr



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