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When Million Sleep Earth to Air
The German band When Million Sleep presents their debut album with „Earth to Air“. After experiencing different bands and styles, the four musicians came together to create something new, somewhere in the field of Alternative Rock. The result is an album with 10 songs that are catchy, but don´t really explore any new territory. The ... more/mehr


Where Angels Fall Illuminate
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


White Flame Tour Bus Diaries
As hard rock followers are sadly awaiting Hanoi Rocks´ last shows before the announced band´s dismissal in Spring 2009, other rockers are striving to keep the genre alive and rolling. From Tampere now comes a new act and it comes loud! With already one record out (“Yesterday’s News”) White Flame with confidence put out another, actually ... more/mehr


White Flame Cougar
Usually I´m not such a fan of the Hardrock/Glam genre but I´m glad I lent an ear to those Finns. Yes, that´s indeed ear candy – a band which is a lot of fun to listen to. First of all, it´s 80s in abundance, you can hear the influences from Bon over Mötley to ZZ, be it guitar work, keyboard sound or the clean voice of Vince (sic!), ... more/mehr


White Lord Jesus White Lord Jesus
Hmm!? Norwegian duo White Lord Jesus` debut album is actually, except for two songs, just digitalised, remixed 4-track recordings from the mid 80`s, with some extra re-recordings. The music is kind of naïve, slow, gothic synthesizer pop, that I`m sure was really hip and cool when it was originally done, but time has certainly got ... more/mehr



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