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White Skull forever fight
For a change true Heavy Metal from Italy. Well, without any question this section is more cramped than all the others, and because of this it is hard to enforce here. Who wants attraction has to show high quality. White Skull have done this for some years now. There latest record “Forever Fight” sounds monolithic, it is catchy as ... more/mehr


Whitesnake Good to be Bad
It might be clear to everybody, when a 30-year-anniversary CD is concerned: musical innovations will be limited. Whitesnake belong to the rock genre in this with pleasure described dinosaur-category, and sticking to geological metaphors, to the early Jura era. In case this does not ring a bell yet, the hit "Here I go again" might ... more/mehr


Whorion Fall of Atlas
The Finish guys Whorion have a clear vision: combining bone-breaking Metal with symphonic elements. Since Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, this idea is not new anymore but there are only a few bands who dare to try it. So „Fall of Atlas“ reminds me quite a lot of Dimmu Borgir`s last opus „Abrahadabra“, but it´s nowhere near as good ... more/mehr


Whorion 7th Sector
Almost 1,5 years after their debut EP, Fall of Atlas, Whorion released their first full-length album called 7th Sector. 1,5 years are quite a long time between an EP and an album, so did the Finnish guys work on their weaknesses, the EP had revealed? No, they did not! The songs are still dominated by blast beats and staccato riffing ... more/mehr


Whyzdom From The Brink Of Infinity
WHYZDOM are dedicated to dark, lugubrious Gothic, usually coming from Finland. This fits therefore,because of the cold and darkness and so on. But from France? Who knows, might be finnish emigrants. Fact is, WHYZDOM show a good performance in their debut album, they catch the intended atmosphere with songs like “The Train”. In ... more/mehr



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