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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Wolfpakk Rise of the Animal
„Rise of the Animal“ is the third album from Michael Voss (Michael Schenker, Mad Max) and Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystall Ball), who, together with numerous, changing guest musicians, make up the project, Wolfpakk. It is already the third time the two masterminds of the project invite musicians like Marc Storage, Michael Kiske, Andi Deris, ... more/mehr


Wolftrap RockandrollilluminatioN
“Canīt stand this Rockīn Roll” claim Wolftrap in their first track – but I donīt believe that, because this song gets you rocking right away. The Finns stick to the genre throughout the following songs, which is classical Hardrock, which means occasionally the Blues roots shine through, thereīs a mouth harp, and the instrumentalists ... more/mehr


Wolftron Flesh And Fears
If you read the bandname WOLFTRON and the albumtitle "Flesh And Fears" it maybe reminds you of some typical deathmetal bands or something else in this way. But, of course, you are wrong!
"Flesh And Fears" is a very quiet, nice and musically diverse indie-ambient-pop-record, but without losing the kind of melancholy that WOLFTRON ... more/mehr


WolveSpirit Dreamcatcher
Once upon a time: Janis Joplin meets Led Zeppelin. Or so. Who could like such a mix with a massive dose of blues in the package gets the grease rubbed fat into the engine block. Already from the first note on pure retro mood with a whimpering Hammond organ and versatile brilliantly played guitars rings out. To this comes the snotty ... more/mehr


Work of Art In Progress
From the first note till the last, Work of Art live up to their promises. Terrific melodies and heavenly hooklines run through the whole album. The harmony between the vocal lines and the music couldnīt be any better. I am not really sure, however, whether the band should be put in the Melodic Rock section because a few songs do ... more/mehr



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