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Withoux Wax We Should Believe
Without Wax is a young band from the Lower Rhine at Wesel, and when I say young, then I mean young, because the average age of the four is just 16 years ... But who now thinks of Tokio Hotel or Killerpilze is wrong ... Without Wax make punky touched Poprock and have from soulful ballads to funny party tracks very different tracks ... more/mehr


Wojczech Sedimente
The polish label SELFAMDEGOD Records really has a heart for extreme music and till now not considered bands. Since 10 years the German Wojczech makes their way to the underground and has according to their bio played in the outlying places of this planet. The “Sedimente” then is their debut is a little bit surprising, is it indeed ... more/mehr


Wolfheart Winterborn
Maybe you know that feeling about a new release of a fave of yours, when after the first wave of ecstasy you hesitate, experiencing a second wave of sheer terror - what if I donīt like it? As a reviewer, I also face the problem: how to express my disappointment and maintain my level of integrity, and still not hurting an appreciated ... more/mehr


Wolfpakk Wolfpakk
With Wolfpakk there is another debut album coming out this year that everyone can look forward to. The project, on the one hand, consists of Michael Voss, who formerly played with Casanova and is now mainly appreciated as a producer, and, in addition, of Mark Sweeney, who is known as the former singer of the Swiss band, Crystal Ball ... more/mehr


Wolfpakk Cry Wolf
I honestly have to say that I was really curious to find out how the second output from Wolfpakk has turned out. Did Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss this time succeed in coordinating all the different guest vocalists? Something they didnīt quite accomplish on the debut record. And to my pleasure, I can now announce: YES, they did it!

Also ... more/mehr



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