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Ingrimm Böses Blut
Böses Blut is the fourth album of those German medieval-Metallers. Honestly I have never heard anything about this band before, and I wonder why. The lyrics are good, and the music even 10 times better, really captivating! Okay you have to admit that the band reminds a lot of In Extremo and Subway To Sally, especially because of ... more/mehr


Injustice Melancholeric
Well, there´s perhaps a bit melancholy in the calm instrumental opening track, otherwise it is rather the adjective "choleric" to describe the sound of Injustice. It is Nu Metal that those five very young guys from Rostock, Germany (they are all in their early 20s) are presenting here. Hardcore elements and Metalcore is mixed with ... more/mehr


INK Diary
INK is a trio from Salonica (Greece) that gives us with “Diary” a new album. You will hear Psychedelic Metal, on the one hand a bit conservative but otherwise convincing with the congenial voice of Tsantalis Christos. Metalheads who like a more heavy sound will not be interested in this, but the Prog-Freaks will love songs like the ... more/mehr


Inkubus Sukkubus Viva La Muerte
Many would argue that this band’s style is annoying consistent throughout the years and it’s already their 11th (!) studio album. Yet this music is still as powerful and as spiritual, as well as it is very inspiring and calming, as ever. And given that it is so today, when bands with such long history give in to trends, and start ... more/mehr


Inner Blast Sleepless Monster
First it sounded quite promising - but then... I really tried, but I simply could not take it any more in the middle of the second song - this female voice "sounding-slightly-off", this over-the-top effect, perhaps - in vain - trying to cover vocal inefficiencies? Took a deep breath, then checked quickly the other 3 songs on this ... more/mehr



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