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Idols Are Dead Mean
W.A.S.P. and Def Leppard are the names that pop up listening to the first chords of "Idols Are Dead" from Bologna, Italy. A new band, formed from the line-up remains of Electrocution (Death/Thrash) and Folder (Crossover), that presents its debut here. And to say it right away, as a first studio output this CD is very good and professional. ... more/mehr


If It Dies Today The Caitiff Choir
Now thatīs enough. Trend or not, I cannot listen to any Metalcore-bands any more. Always the same, heavy Thrash-riffs, some tunes and a lot of shouting, performed by young people who look like a Tokio Hotel /Good Charlotte crossover. I donīt know if the world needs another one of those Clone bands with another cloned record. At ... more/mehr


Iiwanajulma Hallelujah!
Basically, I donīt need to write much here – because in this case itīs not the question whether the band or the CD is good but only if the CD manages to capture this passion, this raw energy of this Finnish act that I learned to appreciate live on stage.

And well, yes, this is the case. You can expect an intense experience ... more/mehr


iLL Gotten Gains
The trio from Atlanta, USA came up with their second album, Gotten Gains. Although the singer, Ryan Waters is better known through the band Sade, the two bands are worlds apart. Where Sade is smooth and jazzy, iLL -as the name implies- is dirty, raw rock. It leans a bit towards Stoner Rock and occasionally a bit psychedelic and has ... more/mehr


Ill Nino One Nation Underground
Ill Nino, thatīs fierce South American Metal. And itīs especially those Latin influences that those six guys feature on their new CD „One Nation Undergrund“ in a nice way. The openerīs title defines the purpose of this album: „This is war“. Just full speed attacks from start to finish. ... more/mehr



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