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Ill Nino Epidemia
Ill Nino are back with a new record. The question – at least in my opinion - is, do we really need another one? Ill Nino have never really had a totally bad album, but none the less, over the years these guys have drowned in uniformity along with other bands of their genre. The Clubs became smaller and the audience reduced itself ... more/mehr


Illdisposed Burn Me Wicked
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Illuminata A World So Cold
Symphonic Metal is the style that the six members of Illuminata pursue on their debut-album 'A World So Cold'. When I try to describe my first impression as "Lord Of The Rings meets Musical meets Nightwish/Tarja-era", I might even hit the bull’s eye. The sextet from Graz endeavours to mingle heavy guitars with energetic orchestra, ... more/mehr


Imagika Devils On Both Sides
I really don’t know what to think of this album. On the one hand, you might really enjoy this raw mixture of thrash and classic metal, but on the other it doesn't really blow your mind. This is most of all due to the more than annoying organ of lead singer Norman Skinner, who cannot decide between clear, high pitches and grunted ... more/mehr


Impious Holy Murder Masquerade
Ten groovy neck destroying pieces of hatred, this is what Impious has to offer! Modern Thrash Metal borrows some Death Metal riffs and is refined with lead guitar and soli a la In Flames at "Clayman" times. Et voilà, this is the new Impious! Well, it was not that easy but perhaps this is enough to describe the sound of this five ... more/mehr



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