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Itchy Poopzkid Heart To Believe
Stupid name -I admit- but who can judge a book by its cover? "Heart To Believe" is all about skate-punk, nothing more and nothing less. The trio from Eislingen an der Fils don't really have any innovative ideas and there's not a lot to screw up with only three chords. The songs are nonetheless quite catchy and ... more/mehr


Itchy Poopzkid Time To Ignite
Nearly 15 months after their debut album the German trio with the unusual name releases their second full record. And you have to say that the guys improved themselves clearly compared with “Heart To Believe”. The first record has been quite boring and uninspired, but now it seems that they slowly have found their own identity. The ... more/mehr


Itchy Poopzkid Dead Serious
Just to state the obvious, whether or not this album is good or not depends on the listener. Having a merry punk-rock sound, Itchy Poopzkid is able to reach the bigger MTV audience. Some may say this is good as more people are able to enjoy this, than e.g satanic Black Metal. Others may say this makes their music soulless and ... more/mehr


Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts Peregar
On their debut album Peregar, this band hailing from Trier, Germany, present a mix of ska, punk and Russian style polka. They themselves call their sound ´black tea flavoured schnitzel beat´. Like with some ska bands, also this band has a few extraordinary instruments like French horn, tuba, several saxophones, accordion, violin, ... more/mehr


Ivanhoe Lifeline
The guys of IVANHOE prepare for a new Heavy Metal punch. After the good album ``Walk in Mindfields`` (2004) they are now presenting their new album ``Lifeline``. Strong guitar riffs, orchestral sounds and a huge portion of Prog are the ingredients of this soup. Some of the songs are really convincing (`Lifeline` or `Suffering`), ... more/mehr



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