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Insense Sootung Torture
Here's another good reason why I don't usually like metalcore. How is it possible that such a heavy sound is unable to cover up the fact that the band's ability to write a catchy, stirring song is inadequate. Instead, they put together the same standard riffs and the song titles are so interchangeable, that the album ... more/mehr


Insomnium One for Sorrow
At the dawn of their origin, Insomnium made their breakthrough with a distinctive sound, masterful skills and a sense of originality, indicative of a future lead position in the second wave of Finnish (well, not only) melodic death metal. For about a decade, the guys never stopped outdoing themselves as their music improved immensely ... more/mehr


Intwine Kingdom of Contradiction
INTWINE – Dutch export wants to rock the neighbour Germany. Just slid in the player this album starts quite metallic and heavy, but already within the first 60 seconds one thing becomes clear: it´s a subtle piece of creative handicraft mother has sewed here. An import of different postcolonial streams flows through the tricky tracks. ... more/mehr


Inzaine Asylum ends here
Nice, but not world shaking: INZAINE surely want to reach a wide audience. The opener “Asylum ends here” friendly invites you around to step closer. People like us will rather take one step back…
The innocent voice of singer Sammy Barry intrigues us to find out if there are songs behind the guitars. Really, even when the guitars ... more/mehr


IO For The Masses
As an attachment a little abridgement from the information of the record label concerning the first full length album of the German band IO - Charles Simmons - Vox, Dennis Poschwatta - Drums, Henning Rümenapp - Guitar, Stefan Ude - Bass: "In modern style they present their first coup “for the masses” hopefully not the last one. Without ... more/mehr



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