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Incarnated Pleasure Of Consumption
The polish trio describes their art as “gorephobic slaughtering metal´, which if not clear enough, they generously support with very straight forward (repulsive) cd artwork… For me it was difficult to move pass track 3, yet there are whole 13 pieces on the album (including two previously unreleased numbers). To sum up the impression ... more/mehr


Inchi A New Departure
Although Inchi takes great pride in being part of the metal scene in their hometown of Vennesla, in south Norway, I would describe them more as an alternative rock band. Mostly mid-tempo melodic rock with a lot of power chords and high pitched guitars. The songwriting style has some Tool-like qualities with some well thought through ... more/mehr


IncomingCerebralOverdrive CEREBRAL heART
That Italy has more to offer musically than Eros Ramazzotti and Zuchero is already known since Lacuna Coil and now also IncomingCerebralOverdrive are set to make your cappuccino splash out of your ears again. Their debut album “CEREBRAL heART”, recorded already in 2006, was mixed by none other than Kurt Ballou, known as guitarist ... more/mehr


Incubator lieBISSlieder
After many years filled with even more problems a new album of those German Thrashers Incubators is released. It is always strange to hear Thras/Death Metal with German lyrics, and unfortunately it doesn´t quite work out a 100 %. The record causes some boredom, and the overall result is monotone and uninspiring. Unfortunately the ... more/mehr


Indian Tea Company Aravinda
Alright friends of harder music: who is not open minded for progressive and insipid music, should not read any further! The band Indian Tea Company from Hamburg connects electronically accompanied western music with experimental sounds from Asia - to be more exact and as the name let guess- from the Indian region. The new album "Aravinda" ... more/mehr



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