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In Mourning Shrouded Divine
Indeed some nice ear candy that this small Norwegian Label Aftermath Music offers us here. The Swedish Act In Mourning provide their very impressive debut album. Progressive Melodic Deah Metal of highest quality, and the good thing is – despite their weird sounds that sometimes remind of VoiVod – that they have not forgotten how ... more/mehr


In Mourning The weight of oceans
The band name alone makes clear that this is not music you´d combine with Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber... Melancholic, with a touch of Prog and a lot Melodic Death, this could be the definition how this Swedish act sounds like. Occasionally you can also her influences of Power Metal a la Sverige and even symphonic-dramatic Black Metal, ... more/mehr


In Somnius Dei Illusions Of Silence
InSomnius Dei started in Australia as a one man project by Songwriter Mark Kelson (Guitar/Drums/Vocals). Mark is better known as Guitarist/Vocalist for The Eternal & previously for his roll in Cryptal Darkness. In this band he had collaborated already with Terry Vainoras, Vocals/Bass Guitar, so in early 2006 they completed Illusions ... more/mehr


In-Quest The Comatose Quandaries
„The Comatose Quandaries“ from the Belgian In-Quest is quite bulky plank. A modern Death-Trash bolt what particular parts remembers one to many comparisons. Newer Testament, newer Voivod, Meshuggah and also At The Gates. The music is just various like the new singer Michael Löfberg. Spacy tricky passages line up to heavy Death ... more/mehr


Inborn Chef d’Oeuvre: A Reflection on the Status of Art in an Age of cultural Decline
This debut of the experimental noise rock band Inborn "The Headtrance Session" had shown already that they have found their own sound in the musical cosmos. The new album seems therefore surprisingly catchy and compact. The playing time had been reduced and the focus was shifted to straight songwriting. Still the audience has something ... more/mehr



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