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Okieson Cupboard Full Of Things
Folk, a throaty voice, bluesy atmosphere, slow versions and up-tempo variations - this is what OKIESON are about. To say it right away: A great album! There is deepness, soul, melancholy - but it´s not at all depressing. A CUPBOARD FULL OF THINGS is exactly what the title says: a cupboard full of things, which want to be consumed, ... more/mehr


Old Dead Tree, The The Perpetual Motion
Many people besides me have been waiting for this album for a while. And it definitely hasn't turned out to be a disappointment. „The Perpetual Motion“ turned out hard and aggressive, yet mellow and full of feeling. As on its predecessor, it features metal, dark rock and pop mixed so beautifully and so atmospherically that you really ... more/mehr


Old Man’s Child Vermin
While Dimmu Borgir obviously don´t have much creative output soon, lead guitarist Galder fills the gap with his own band „Old Man´s Child“. As usual the bald guy cannot be stopped. Assisted by double-bass-world champion Reno H Killerich (Panzerchrist/Vile) this multi-instrumental talend created ten wonderful dark pearls that make ... more/mehr


Olympos Mons Medievil
The second album of this Finnish band took some time, but it was worth waiting for. Ian Eric Highhill - voc, Jari Erik Sundström - git, Krister Lundell – b und Mikko Sepponen – dr incorporate Folk influences and Thrash parts into their music that superficially could be called Power/Speed Metal. But there is more underneath, and ... more/mehr


Omnium Gatherum The Redshift
„The Redshift“ is the band´s second album with a new vocalist after former frontman Antti Filppu left the band in 2006. And that´s exactly where the problems start because hardly anywhere you have the feeling that music and vocals really belong together – the growls don´t really fit to the beautiful, emotional melodies that guitarist ... more/mehr



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