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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Khert-Neter Images Of Khepri
Frankly, I cannot understand why the Finns Khert-Neter still dwell in the underground and haven´t be discovered by a record company yet... their self-made debut album „Images Of Khepri“ sounds like a future Death Metal classic. And indeed – it´s that rough, raw, straightforward as if the band plays live right next door. It was definitely ... more/mehr


Kick New Horizon
Kick from the Kingdom are releasing their 3rd album „New Horizon“. After possible problems with Sanctuary, their former label, they found a new home. And now the five gentlemen, astonishingly you only see 3 of them at the same time, are back on top.

All 11 songs were written by the bassplayer Mikey Jones. The result is ... more/mehr


Kill The Romance Take Another Life
Kill The Romance is yet another Finnish Death/Thrash band trying to make it abroad. And I have to admit that what the guys from Lahti present on their debut ”Take Another Life”, it wouldn´t be too much of a surprise if they made it. Their style might not be the most personal and unique and there doesn´t seem to be too much variation ... more/mehr


Killbody Tuning 47°0´40.00
The Swiss band Killbody Tuning´s awkwardly named album (good luck to any radio host trying to announce this one!) is actually a soundtrack. Its songs were originally composed for the Swiss film-maker Julien Humbert-Droz´s short film Derničre Chasse and eventually made into what is now their second album.

It´s not an easy ... more/mehr


Killed By 9V Batteries Killed By 9V Batteries
From the Austrian province this debut album came over to us and what we get here is really good stuff. It is not easy, however, to put the music of the trio into one genre – the guys are changing to much between noise, Indie and pop.

But exactly this innovative style makes this record very audible and interesting. The opener ... more/mehr



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