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Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies
Killswitch Engage are doing their best to keep the metalcore scene alive with their fourth album “As Daylight Dies”. As one of the original members in this “MTV metal” family, KsE has been able to outlive the scene by just doing it better than so many of the copycats.

“As Daylight Dies” sees KsE taking their melodic side ... more/mehr


Kilpi Laske Kuolleet Ja Rukoile
It's a bit difficult to judge a band (that has not caught my attention yet) just according to a single, yet the guys from Kilpi (= shield) deserve to have an eye on. Those six Finns obviosly learned a lot from 80's Metal and especially "old" Iron Maiden, as singer Taage rather sounds like Paul di'Anno. In ... more/mehr


Kilt. Everything/Nothing
For Kilt. Iiwanajulma drummer Teemu Ruokonen gathered around him two guitarists, a bassist and another band member responsible for the ambient atmosphere, to create first of all a very ecological album (the cover is made of recycled cardboard with vegetable colors) but also musically you get offered a blend of metal-electro-tribal-ambient ... more/mehr


Kilt. Reversal
Kilt have always been one of those bands that are difficult to categorize. The STALKER colleague described the debut album as “blend of metal-electro-tribal-ambient elements”, and I can just go along with that. “Reversal” takes you on a rollercoster ride of various forms of expression and style, an interplay of contrast and harmony. ... more/mehr


Kimball & Jamison Kimball & Jamison
Kimball & Jamison combines for the first time, two of the most characteristic voices of melodic rock. On the one hand Bobby Kimball, who is known as one of the founding members of Toto, and Jimi Jamison, singer of the band Survivor, who had their breakthrough with the hit „Eye of the Tiger“ in 1989. Songs like "Hold the Line", "White ... more/mehr



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