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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Koma Sinónimo de ofender
Let your turntable glowing and put the new disk of Koma on it. This band plays for 10 years together and burn with their predominantly ironical and socialcritical texts everything down the ground. Each Song does not lacks both in music and technically at variation. Some one disturbs itself at the Spanish singing. As far as I am ... more/mehr


KomaSue Insanity
Wow, I didn´t know that you can rock like that in a coma! The songs that shatter out of the speakers are a mix of Metal, Emo and Alternative, powerful and extremely tight. And surprisingly you can immediately sing along with them without listening to them before. That´s a straight 9 to 10 from the start, and the first four songs ... more/mehr


Kongo Skulls Asshole
The Kongo Skulls show on “Asshole” how Rock´n´Roll shall sound. Starting with the opener “I´m a man”, continuing with the groovy title track and the catchy “Next Train” till the final track “Blind” the trio covers almost every facet of Rock music. So it is worth looking into the booklet onto the partly very ironic lyrics. Together ... more/mehr


Kontrust We!come Home
Does anyone still remember Guano Apes? The band from Göttingen who was quite successful with their mix of rap and rock in the end of the 90´s? Kontrust from Austria pick up where the Guano Apes left off for good reasons. The fact that the album was already released in 2005 is not a good enough excuse for this rubbish. And when one ... more/mehr


Koreopsis Resin
„Resin“ is the already second release by one-man-project Koreopsis of the Swiss Johannes Real. All instruments (bass, guitar, programming) were recorded by himself and according to the press release he was also “singing the vocals”. There´s, however, not much “singing” on this record ´cause Mr. Real grunts his way through the whole ... more/mehr



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