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Kultasiipi Metsola
Those who want to listen to Finnish music don´t necessarily have to go to Finland anymore. Berlin – the most Southern city of Finland – is just as good. At least since the formation of folk metal band Kultasiipi in 2006. Now their first album Metsola was published.

There are eight songs on the album held together by short, ... more/mehr


Kunn & The Magic Muffins Don`t Burn My Paradise
Who doesn´t associate this band name at once with drugs and party-music? As name and cover already indicate, „Don´t Burn My Paradise“ features cheerful Ska. The band themselves define their sound as Jazz with elements of Tango, Samba, Rocksteady and Northern Soul.

The band from Luxembourg have a smooth start and continue ... more/mehr


Kuolemanlaakso Uljas uusi maailma
A new Finnish supergroup giving its debut here? It seems like, on may levels... let´s simply start with the band history:
Named after one of the lowest, driest, and hottest places on Earth, KUOLEMANLAAKSO (”Death Valley”) took its first breath in the Spring of 2010 as a one-man project of guitarist Laakso (Chaosweaver). It was ... more/mehr


Kuolemanlaakso Tulijoutsen
Swan song? No way, this Finnish “supergroup” can even top their fantastic debut Uljas uusi maailma - Tulijoutsen (fire swan) sweeps you off your feet.

The opening kicks off big – a Metallica riff, but in slo-mo Doom mode, with an Adams family twist to it – and WAIT, is this indeed Mikko on vocals? Mr. Kotamäki (e.g. Swallow ... more/mehr


Kylesa Spiral Shadow
By nature, I´m not a big fan of sludge/stoner metal and, to say it right away, also Spiral Shadow by Kylesa won´t change that. Actually, this album needs a prescription because after a short time, you start to see colours and patterns that´s how hypnotising-sedating their music comes across plus, it hangs as thick in the air as the ... more/mehr



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