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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Kaptain Sun Blood, Rock N’Roll & Black Angels
Astonishing! That is what comes first to one’s mind regarding the new album of the, till now unknown to me, band Kaptiain Sun. On the 9 songs there is really served such a dirty Stoner/Southern Rock, that you think the band comes directly from New Orleans and know Europe from not listening. The songs of the four sound so ... more/mehr


Karelia Raise
Although this band has only been around for five years, it has already developed into one of the greats of the metal genre. When the two Frenchmen Matthieu Kleiber and Lionel Vest started the band in 2000, their goal was to breathe new life into the metal scene by giving it some fresh impulses. Their debut album „Usual Tragedy“ caused ... more/mehr


Karma Deva Dreamless Sleep
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Kataklysm In The Arms Of Devastation
Do you have been disappointed by the 4 Canadian in the past? Actually not. From record to record the strengths have consequently been developed to bring a brutal, technical high Death Metal to mankind and spellbound the unbelievers. That because of "The Arms Of Devastation" there will be also many neck vertebras will get ... more/mehr


Katanga Darkchild
Katanga give their debut "Darkchild" that features a sound fitting into the wide spectrum of Gothic-Rock, yet here dominates the Rock-factor. Kantanga also dare to play fast songs, and that´s good. But to define this band with a certains style is dangerous... as soon as I am convinced that I found it, the Germans come up with the ... more/mehr



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