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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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KATIE ARMIGER Confessions of a Nice Girl
While listening with German ears here in Europe to an album like this from Katie Armiger could be said quickly, "oh, yes, very American" (meaning with sympathy). Very professional, perfectly produced, talented voice and and songwriting that is exactly the point. They have made their music in the country area, but this doesn’t ... more/mehr


Katra Beast Within
Katra are in their home country Finland anything else but unknown, their debut album had already caused some stir and gathered fans. Their first single „Grail Of Sahara“ made it to the charts and was played on radio all the time. Now the 5 guys with singer Katra take on to conquer the world, which might be possible with their weapon ... more/mehr


Kayser The good Citizen EP
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Keadaar Monosound
Alternative Rock from Zurich, Switzerland, lies in front of me, in form of a CD from a band named Keadaar. The unusual band name stems from the band member´s names: Steff KErhof on mic and guitar, René ADank on bass and Andy WAAR on drums. The guys who met in 2010 are now releasing their debut record titled “Monosound”. 13 songs ... more/mehr


Keegan Keeping The Sparks
From Germany comes the songwriting duo Ian Maxwell (an exile-Brit) and Massimo Peter, who formed Keegan in autumn 2000. The bandname is derived from the ex-football pro Kevin Keegan, who, in the 70´s, was one of the most popular and best players in England. “Mighty Mouse” the short striker was lovingly called. His popularity helped ... more/mehr



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