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Korn Live at the Hollywood Palladium
The inventors of Nu Metal, Korn, are now active for almost 20 years. Despite the fact that one of their biggest trademarks has always been intense live shows; they, so far, only released very few live albums. Currently, there are three DVDs but only two CDs (MTV Unplugged and the Live &Rare compilation) on the market. So publishing ... more/mehr


Korn The Paradigm Shift
Korn is back! Reunited with their old guitarist and co-founder, Brian Welch, they found their way back to their old path. The name of the album "The Paradigm Shift" is somewhat misleading here, as the previous album "Path of Totality" was a real imposition, in which the band lion-hearted paired Dubstep with nu-metal and created this ... more/mehr


Korpiklaani Voice Of Wilderness
Multi-culti Hottentot sound... The latest release of these Finns is very varied, making the album interesting to listen to even after the initial catchy surface of the album. It's one of the few cds that you can actually listen to 20 times and not get bored with it. The good mood that this album creates makes it quite difficult ... more/mehr


Korpiklaani Ukon Wacka
Already with the first notes itīs pretty clear whose album I listen to now. Korpiklaani, how you know and love them. And once again, thereīs only one mission: fill your beer steins and drink, party and dance. Obviously, this album was written to spread fun and thatīs exactly what it does.

Ukon Wacka, the title track of the ... more/mehr


Korpiklaani Noita
Itīs hard to believe but in the past 12 years, Korpiklaani have released 8 albums – and here comes number 9. What sounds like Finnish assembly line work reveals itself as exactly this. Although the band creates quite a unique sound, with their violins and accordions, this is not a guarantee for good songs. Whatīs left if you subtract ... more/mehr



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