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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Kleins, The Pardon me, Sir!
The band The Kleins are already around for about 10 years but only now their first official album “Pardon me, Sir!” is released. The musical style also reminds a bit of times long ago and so some of the songs sound slightly punky, which is underlined by British singer Mark Booth, who gives the sound a “70´s punk” feel reminiscing ... more/mehr


KLIMT 1918 Just in case we´ll never meet again
The narrow alleys of the Eternal City, high above the roofs the sun goes down. Somewhere far behind on the horizon dark clouds, the signs of the upcoming thunderstorm. This last, electrifying moment right before the first drop falls, before the first flash tears the sky apart. In one of the the houses, a man gazes through the window, ... more/mehr


Knightmare In Death´s Shadow
This is now the second act from down-under - after Ne Obliviscaris – that simply blows my mind with their debut album (mixed by Ermin Hamidovic, Systematic Productions, masterded by Plec, Panic Room Studios Sweden – e.g.Scar Symmetry, Watain). WOW – simply great, buy it!
Well, perhaps I have to provide some more details how ... more/mehr


Knorkator Das nächste Album aller Zeiten
Knorkator are know for grammatically correct, but senseless title for their albums, just think of “Deutschlands meiste Band der Welt” (Germany’s most band in the world). Whatever, on this record the musicians show again the whole range of their music abilities and their horribly poetic lyrics. “Du bist so still” seems like it could ... more/mehr


Knorkator We want Mohr
A half-side tattooed Half-naked dances, dives on the bellies of fat men and rejoices in virtuoso trained soprano. A man in a flowing dress with plait roars with a deep bass, and a third with sunglasses who looks like formerly Dave Stewart is rigid, smokes and moves his fingers on a six strings guitar at the same time like a puppet ... more/mehr



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