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Krasty Voice as a Weapon
Krasty from Ungenach in Austria play together since 2003 and are now releasing their debut album “Voice as a Weapon”. The sextet once started as a ska band, however, from that time not much is left. The guys have reoriented themselves and are now playing rather metalcore with a punky note. Krasty are embracing the typical metalcore ... more/mehr


Krautschädl GemmaGemma
Austria in 2002, a few classmates get together and form a band – Krautschädl was born. Now the band presents their third album “GemmaGemma”. In their home country and in Bavaria they already have a steady fanbase and their songs are played on the radio. The band itself calls their sound GoschnRock because they sing in their Upper ... more/mehr


Kreator Enemy Of God
Kreator released throughout the new „Thrash Revival“ with „Violent Revolution“ the best album among the big German three. Which is even more surprising when you think about the fact that Mille and Co. fished before in almost calm gothic seas. Correspond to that, the expectations for the new album, which will find its way to the record ... more/mehr


Kreator Hordes of Chaos
After a period of weaker releases, the last two albums ``Violent Revolution`` and ``Enemy of God`` were really aggressive and strong again. Nowadays, ``Hordes of Chaos``, the third ``comeback``-album since ``Endorama`` is ready to strike. Will Kreator teach us a lesson in violence or have they become weak again?

No doubt! ... more/mehr


Kreator Phantom Antichrist
Since their 2001 release „Violent Revolution“, Kreator are back at full force. Meanwhile, they have become the most successful (and best!) Thrash band in Germany and besides Slayer also worldwide. “Phantom Antichrist“ goes the same way as the releases of the last decade: hard, but also versatile Thrash Metal, combined with great ... more/mehr



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