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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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V.A. - Annual Assault 2008
13 tracks covering the music spectrum that is represented by this Metal Label: cheerful RockīnīRoll and Power Metal (Dragonforce), melancholic Prog (Opeth) to mega-aggressive tracks (Slipknot), and all the names that are on top of "most wanted" lists. You have a chance to discover something new or to compare - e.g. Soulfly vs. Cavalera ... more/mehr


V.A. - Metallic Emotions Metallic Emotions
Heavy but intense, touching and very sensual, this is the new compilation from the label Nuclear Blast, featuring the more sensitive aspect of Metal sounds.

This CD/DVD combination offers many great ballads, classics and new material.

The Nightwish song „Eva“ is also for the first time available on a CD and makes ... more/mehr


V.A. - Modern Noise Sampler Modern Noise # 25
For the 25th time now the Modern Noise sampler is released, and this time one audio CD bulging with material just wasnīt good enough, and so another DVD was simply added to the package. Because of the cooperation with the Swedish label Dead Frog Records and the Japanese Label In & Out Records the record features quite an international ... more/mehr


V.A. - Nightmare on Anstreet
Ants, scientific name Formicidae, of the order Hymenoptera belong to one of the most widespread species of the world. Whether these fascinating creatures can also be found on Antstreet in the German town of Ensdorf is unknown but itīs known that the record label Antstreet Records, which has now released a compilation with the appealing ... more/mehr


V.A. - Paid in Black A tribute to Johnny Cash
Also four years after his death the „man in black“ is still one of the most influential artists in the music business. Now also Wolverine Records pays tribute to the legend with a compilation containing exclusive cover versions of Johnny Cash Songs re-interpreted by horrorpunk and psychobilly acts. What, at first, sounds a bit risky ... more/mehr



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