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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Vengince A Turn for the Worst
Not long ago I reviewed the predecessor to A Turn For The Worst by Vengince and let´s check the archives, what did I have to say about As It Turns Sour back then: „trashy, metalcore, also progressive moments, very hard to put into a certain genre, always something new to discover”. Well, one year later, everything, in the truest ... more/mehr


Venice Underground Venice Underground
Venice Underground is a project that Porno for Pyros, David & David, Jane´s Addiction and Love and Rockets musicians have started. Their intention is making an Electro-Rock Album with experimental touch. The influences from Pop to Breakbeat and rocky guitar riffs turn this project into a successful one because it´s exciting. A bit ... more/mehr


Verdict Generation:Genocide
From the beginning to the end, Germany’s Verdict play some very aggresive power thrash metal that will rip your head off. Not exactly old school or not exactly modern either, but the two genres come together to make this disc heavy with an updated sound. Added are some heavy mid tempo changes that one would compare to Slayer’s “Season ... more/mehr


Verenn No Trace, No Sound
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Verenn The Game
The Finnish duo Verenn plays what could be described as radio friendly power rock pop. Their debut album, The Game, consists of ten mostly melancholic rock songs that are clearly written for a specific target audience. Although they (like every other band) say they don`t care about genre definitions, it`s not a secret that they are ... more/mehr



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