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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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V. A. - Ich zahl nicht mehr: Wave/Gothic Ich zahl nicht mehr: Wave/Gothic
For only 4,99 euro a piece SPV gives you all the big names of a particular scene. This CD features the dark ladies and gentlemen like Skinny Puppy, Funker Vogt, Welle: Erdball, The Mission and Umbra et Imago. Especially recommended for newbies.

Without ranking ... more/mehr


V. A. - Lifeforce Records Sampler Split CD Cipher System vs. By Night
The inventors of Split-CD`s (Heaven Shall Burn vs. Caliban), Lifeforce Records, have something new. Cipher System vs. By Night. Lifeforce tend to pick bands who are nobodies. They take their time to raise attention in the scene so after a short time everybody in Metal (Core) area knows those bands. By Night have a gift of combinding ... more/mehr


V. A. - Metal Ostentation - Volume 6 Compilation
The sixth fully packed Metal Ostentation-Sampler contains 18 different Metal Underground bands, mainly from European BeNeLux-area, and mainly self-made or Demo-productions. This is why the sound quality varies from „acceptable“ (e.g. Dying Message ) to „sub-standard“. Musically the spectrum could not be wider: A lot of Death- und ... more/mehr


V. A. - Music from the O.C. California Mix 1
This is about rich kids from Orange County Calefornia - the getto for the well to do. As usual, troubles in love and puberty form the everyday life of the kids in this US TV soap. The CD lacks in originality, just like the series lacks in substance. It's average rock and you get the feeling that you've traveled 10 years back in musical ... more/mehr


V. A. - Münster Monster Mastership Compilation Münster Monster Mastership Compilation
The Soundtrack to the Skateboard-WM had been a little expanded, not to say propped up: not all the bands would be connected with Skater life. There is also hardly any unreleased material, it´s rather a compilation of scene hits. But if it´s the question of reviving party feeling, this is the right CD. And then also those bands from ... more/mehr



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