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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Vanishing Point In Thought
Actually this is „only“ a re-release of a 1997-classic .. but you would never guess listening to it. Not only because the album was remixed and remastered. Who, like myself, never heard of this australian band should definitely check out this album! Prog Metal of highest quality, just like Queensryche, Dream Theater or Psychotic ... more/mehr


Vanishing Point The Fourth Season
It´s quite rare that I jump for joy about a new CD release even BEFORE listening to it. Well, Vanishing Point from Australia always cause an effect like that, and indeed, also their fourth output deserves the maximum in our STALKER rating. Recorded in Austrialia with Endel Rivers and mastered in famous Finnish Finnvox Studios by ... more/mehr


Vanishing Point Distant Is The Sun
This is one of the releases I had been soooo looking forward to, as this band had been silent for a couple of years ... Vanishing Point is yet another fantastic band from Australia (which seems to be a breeding ground for awesomeness, see Knightmare, Ne Obliviscaris), which I had already learned to love in 2007 (read the interview ... more/mehr


Vardlokkur Med Doden Til Folge
This MCD of the Danes Vrede (live bass player for Angantyr, vocals for Holmgang), Saule (drums) and since a few weeks also Yngleborgaz (Angantyr) – is something special, as limited to 666 records, every one of them numbered by hand. That means collectors have to be quick. Musically those four tracks are rather Old School Black Metal, ... more/mehr


Vaselyne The Fire Within
Vaselyne is a project made up of Sea of Souls singer, Yvette Winkler, and Born For Bliss mastermind; Frank Weyzig. With Vaselyne, the two Dutch try a little experiment. The listener can look forward to a lot of atmospheric songs. All is pretty simply made and the vocals are pretty much the same in every song. However, Yvette has ... more/mehr



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