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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Valonkantajat Pimentola
A bit less than two years ago, Valonkantajat released their debut „Tuomittu Elämään“. Now the Finns are back with “Pimentola”. The record featuring eight new songs is, like its predecessor, quite melancholic, and even non-Finnish people, who don´t understand the lyrics or only parts of them, will get the meaning of the songs, transmitted ... more/mehr


Van Canto Hero
Whether you like it or not, Van Canto is one of the best a capella acts on this planet. As well as with the first CD “A Storm To Come” two years ago, now the six guys around front girl Inga give us another first class record. Anyway, all of them are very frisky and emanate in their clear vocal sections an improbably warmth. Respect!

What ... more/mehr


Van Dancko Born in Flames
Van Dancko are all hailing from the Rhein/Main area, Germany, and have committed themselves to Hard Rock, mixed with Southern, Blues, Stoner and Alternative Rock. At the beginning of the record, I’m a bit reminded of Danko Jones – they just don’t sound as commercial as the Americans. The EP exclusively contains simple songs, which ... more/mehr


Van Dogs, The Stick To The Ground
Oh yeah! Alright! The Van Dogs are true and pure rock´n´roll. Their first official album "Stick To The Ground" is full of pure energy and excitement. From raw street rock, a la early Hellacopters, to groovy ska punk, like Rancid or NOFX, the music is full of raw power that has been captured very well on this album. Still The Van ... more/mehr


Vanguard Succumbra
Do not even dare to compare this with Nightwish or any of their numerous clones! This is something different, individual and extremely memorable! If you need a hint, think early Theatre Of Tragedy, but I´m still uncomfortable comparing this with anything, Vanguard has too much personality of their own and this makes them stand out ... more/mehr



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