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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Void Of Sleep Tales Between Reality and Madness
Admittedly, I was surprised to discover that this release is a debut album... Well, this band from Ravenna, Italy, formed in 2010 by Gale (guitar), Burdo (vocals and guitar) Allo (drums) and Paso (bass) recorded their first EP under the direction of bass player and renowned producer Paso (winner of an Independent Music Awards in ... more/mehr


Voivod Katorz
Fans of the Canadian Metal legend Voivod will listen to the new album with a happy and a sad sight. At the one hand there is real good material what covers all phases of the long career – from the punk days at the beginning to the Space Metal at the end of the eighties to the future trash of the nineties with Eric Forest. At the ... more/mehr


Volkmar Blessed Sins
A debut-album from the big, dark family of gothic-rock – that´s how the CD starts pretty rocky, straight and powerful. With the second song grow up relations to the wave and gothic-scene from the 80s, but then more influences flow together. Right now a little bit punk, after this industrial, and the moods are changing, the tempi, ... more/mehr


Volkmar Wrath of Centuries
Volkmar come from Australia. Now they continue their long journey to Europe even in an inner way: the “soundtrack” to Dante’s Inferno fifth circle of hell is burned on CD. A heavy, gothic Rock-coat clothes the significant voice of Valak, who plays the guitars, too, surrounded by the dark sound of the synths-carpets of Ishtar, accompanied ... more/mehr


Voltron Beyond An Armoured Skin
Hmm, according to Wikipedia Voltron is a giant robot with legs from a Japanese anime – an armoured war machine. You will need some good armour also for that music, because the band from Berlin isn`t playing shallow radio rock, which you can already guess by their musical influences like the Melvins, Mastodon, Neurosis and Cult of ... more/mehr



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