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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Velvet Six Demons Los Divas
Demons Los Divas is the second album from Finnish band Velvet Six and damn, why didn´t I discover them earlier. Singer Olle Wallenius and his men play very good Goth Rock and have a knack for great songwriting. This becomes clear, at the latest, after listening to the second song, which is also the album´s title track, Demons Los ... more/mehr


Velvet69 - same -
Velvet69 – just the band name says it all. And a look at their band photo or the album cover: The Swedes present themselves with a lot of make-up and style, very colourful is also their musical mix – Glam, Goth and Industrial, and I assume this might be the right sound to succeed in the German Club scene. Therefore it is difficult ... more/mehr


Velvetcut Thirteen
Strange, strange, what those guys play. A little bit of Rock, some Psychodelic and some Jazz, and some harder parts. Sounds weird? It does, and unfortunately not quite convincing.

Despite being quite entertaining, despite the good sound and songwriting somehow the songs are still missing something. Perhaps the Hooklines, ... more/mehr


Velvetseal Lend Me Your Wings
Good gracious! VELVETSEAL made with „opening” a perfect false start which made bad predictions for the rest of the album “lend me your wings”. Simple riffs, weak voice and lame songwriting make a bad mood and enlarge the wish to press the skip-button. “lend me your wings” shows that the band knows After Forever or Within Temptation ... more/mehr


Vengince As It All Sours
„As It All Sours“ is already the third album of Vengince from Oakland, California. And geographically seen you already get a first hint of what you can expect from the record because you right away associate thrash metal with the Bay Area. Exactly those thrashy elements can be found here but not exclusively, there´s also lots of ... more/mehr



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