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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Vermin Define : Divine
More brutal stuff from The Netherlands. Yes, having just reviewed their fellow countrymen and label mates Persistense, itīs not Verminīs turn to show how brutal they can be with their interpretation of Technical/Brutal Death Metal. Theyīve been around since 2002 and have faced several line-up problems, like quite a lot of bands, ... more/mehr


Vicious Rumors Razorback Killers
When reading the name Vicious Rumors in metal fanzines in the last years, it most likely had something to do with the many line up changes. Most of those changes took place at the microphone: first there was Brian OīConnor, then James Riviera (Helstar), who was substituted after only one release by Ronnie Stixx. But all those line ... more/mehr


Victims Killer
VICTIMS from Sweden have been causing trouble in the world of rock for more than 10 years now. 10 years and not a bit quiet! That or something like that could be the motto of their already fourth studio grenade. The 16 ultra-short but ultra-intensive wrecking balls are an enrichment for every moshpit. And a moshpit is exactly what ... more/mehr


Victor Griffinīs In-Graved Victor Griffinīs In-Graved
Victor Griffin, former guitarist of Doom Rock legends like Pentagram and Place of Skulls releases, on March 22, the eponymous debut album of his new playground called In-Graved. The album was produced in Knoxville/Tennessee by Travis Wyrick and Mike Dearing (both Place of Skulls ). Griffin is supported, among others, by Jeff Olson ... more/mehr


Victor Smolski Majesty & Passion
That Victor Smolski is one or the best guitarhero in the service of metal we not only know since his appearance at Rage.

The rank Mike Terrana made a huge Stepp forward as shown on the Bach-Days in Leipzig/Germany last year. They gave some Bach compositions a new face. These songs are now listenable on Victor Smolskis solo-album ... more/mehr



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