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Von Hertzen Brothers Nine Lives
Just about a year ago the Finnish prog rock band Von Hertzen Brothers had released their Best Of collection, and now the fifth studio album is released, which has been eagerly awaited by the fans. The influences mentioned in connection with the album have been varied, from the Finnish Schlager singer Kirka to Black Sabbath, and even ... more/mehr


Voodoo Circle Broken Heart Syndrome
One had to wait a long time for this album but now it is finally here. On February 25th, Voodoo Circle release their second album. Already their debut album Voodoo Circle was very well-received and therefore the expectations are high for the follow up record Broken Heart Syndrome. But the expectations are answered. The listener awaits ... more/mehr


Voodoo Circle More Than One Way Home
During the last years, we have really gotten used to see the names Alex Beyrodt and Mat Sinner associated with almost every second German Hard Rock production. That those two guys also joined their forces can only be called divine providence. Both are magnificent musicians and songwriters. Together with David Readman, Markus Kullmann ... more/mehr


Voyager Univers
Voyager are basically from Australia, but they are a multi-cultural quintet – Danny from Germany, Mark from the Netherlands, Simone from Germany, Mark and Melissa from Italy – created an outstanding album with their second CD „Univers“. Musically they combine their melodic Power Metal with classical elements, some real heavy riffs, ... more/mehr


Vrankenvorde Schlachtensang
Pagan Rock´n´Roll? Okay, this German Band from Berlin-Brandenburg can call their music whatever they want, but in my ears Vrankenvorde sound like a typical Black Metal band with german lyrics and folk influences.

The band has been around for more than 10 years, but this album is only their second release. Summing up, this ... more/mehr



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