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Violent Diva Six Violent Mornings
Until now, Italy is not really known for its electro bands. Apart from Dope Stars Inc., there were mostly female fronted rock and metal bands like Lacuna Coil or The Lovecrave who managed to succeed outside of their country. In order to change this, the idea of the "Italian Body Movement"-sampler series was born. Until now three ... more/mehr


Violent Divine In Harmīs Way
With „In HarmīsWay“ Violent Divine from Sweden released their new album, produced by Hammerfall man Pontus Norgren, in the end of January. Those who expect back-hair-bristling power metal will be disappointed. THANK GOD because Violent Divine simply rock. Melodic, catchy, sing-along-friendly hard rock without neglecting proper riffing. ... more/mehr


Violent Divine Release the Hounds
Hard to believe but only one year ago they released the album In Harmīs Way and already now its successor and the bandīs third album Release The Hounds sees the light of day. The Swedes simply doesnīt seem to be short of song ideas. Those who know Violent Divine will be familiar with the themes of the lyrics (contrived solely by ... more/mehr


Vision Bleak, The Carpathia
Daunting, pretentious, theatrical. That's how the new album of The Vision Bleak with the title "Carpathia" comes across. The sound is a bit more marked by time than on the previous albums. The introductory parts are very nice, but the rest of the song build-ups are quite simple. You won't find any double bass or guitar solos here, ... more/mehr


Vision Bleak, The The wolves go hunt their prey
"The wolves go hunt their prey" is the third album of the upcoming German duo, consisting of Ulf-Theodor Schwadorf and Allen B. Konstanz. The previous releases were higly acclaimed by the press but they never really found their way into my playlist. Nothing against bombast - thereīs enough of it on this album, too - but something ... more/mehr



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