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Vision Divine The 25th Hour
After „Unia“ Sonata Arctica release another album. Oh wait, the band’s called Vision Divine and hails from Italy but like the men around Tony Kakko the guys have committed themselves to progressive power metal. The album “The 25th Hour”, which is appropriately released on the 25th of June, was produced by none less than Timo Tolkki ... more/mehr


Visions Of Atlantis Cast Away

The phenomenal success of Nightwish pulls circles. And Visions Of Atlantis would surly not been existing without this musically delivery from the Finns.

The direction of the Austrians is clear: Symphonic, bombastic Metal with a female soprano voice, much keyboards and always melodies, which are, leaned to the role ... more/mehr


Vixen Live & Learn
Already in the 80´s and the 90´s Vixen had great success with their music. Then followed a pause of about 15 years and now they try to continue with their past achievements.
The band around founding member Jan Kuehnemund offer good Hardrock, which drifts more than once into pop and kitsch. So the title song is absolutely usable ... more/mehr


Vlad In Tears Seed Of Ancient Pain
Those Italians are obviously influenced by bands who are located a little bit further North in Europe. Founded 2004 by the brothers Kris (voc, piano), Lex (git) und Dario (bass) plus Drummer Xander, the band began their attempt to combine classical music, Metal and Gothic atmospheres. Well, as mentioned above, they would not be the ... more/mehr


Vlad in Tears Underskin
The latest album “Underskin” from “Vlad in Tears” incorporates melodic gothic rock, that sounds Finnish and the boys themselves look like rockabillies -with the exception of the singer, Kris Vlad, who could be the brother from Jyrki 69. Together with producer John Fryer (NIN, DM, HiM), the four Italians are releasing an album that ... more/mehr



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