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Vader The Art Of War (EP)
EPs we donīt or hardly ever review, but we made an exception with Vader, because the Polish guys know how to make themselves rare but still remain in the news. This year they had to overcome a tragic loss when their drummer Krzysztof "Docent" Raczkowski died in an accident. This EP is dedicated to him, and you can hear that Vader ... more/mehr


Vader Welcome to the Morbid Reich
The last years have been quite turbulent for Vader. The whole team around frontman Piotr īPeterī Wiwczarek was replaced and, because of this, the 25th anniversary of the band almost became only a minor matter. Surprisingly, Vader nevertheless released only great records, especially in terms of songwriting, precision and innovation. ... more/mehr


Vader Tibi et Igni
When Vader formed in the 1980s, a lot of Western people did not take them very seriously. But with every new album, the number of followers continued to grow. Since they released their breakthrough “Litany” in 2000, at the latest, there has been no more doubt about the bandīs abilities. In the following years, Vader went through ... more/mehr


Vaine, The Itīs a disease
Good girls go to heaven – bad girls go everywhere. The girls Shelly (vocals), Bee (guitar), Clik (vocals, guitar) and Steph (bass) from THE VAINE are, however, not really bad but what they and the only male member Jack (drums) offer here is definitely not coming from above. Wild, youthfully bigmouthed and energyladen thatīs how they ... more/mehr


Valkiria Here The Day Comes
The love child of Swallow the Sun and Before the Dawn? And one of the parents was obviously fooling around with Opeth, too...
OK seriously – I donīt want to suggest that Italian Valkiria copy those bands mentioned, but when listening to their fifth album, those bands inevitably come to my mind. This strange mix of Doom, Melodic ... more/mehr



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