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Poolstar Losing Gravity
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the death penalty, but wait, where labels or bands who send out snippet-cd’s are concerned? I HATE SNIPPET-CDS! Poolstar’s new album seems to have 11 songs, but they don’t want us to hear more than a minute of each of them. It’s like peeking into a pan – dudes, I have to eat it and taste it in order ... more/mehr


Porcupine Tree Deadwing
This album hits you a bit harder than “In Absentia”. The title track is also the opening track and it has such surprising twists, that it’s hard to put it into a category. Melodic, dark, progressive, rock metal about covers it, but since it sounds as implausible as some of those coffee-to-go things, let’s just leave it at that. The ... more/mehr


Portrait Crossroads
The Swedish guys´ "make-or-break" album is titled "Crossroads". Before its official release, the record label intensely advertised the album through elaborate promo and the first single “In Time”. The quiet acoustic intro, "Liberation", initiates the epic "At the Ghost Gate", which is actually more or less a seamless continuation ... more/mehr


Posthumanbigbang Posthumanbigbang
If a debut album of a Swiss band called “Posthumanbigbang”, who describe themselves as a blend of “hardcore-heavy riffs, growls, clean vocals, acoustic, mellow moments and electronic elements“ hits your desk, you know you are in for a surprise. Yet, you would not expect it to be that positive. Posthumanbigbang deliver an album that ... more/mehr


Potentia Animi Psalm II
Strange, very strange! Dancable Electro beats, synthies, E-guitars and (wanna-be?) religious lyrics, sometimes in German, sometimes in Latin. Additionally classical instruments like violin of cello appear in one or the other song. A peculiar mixture that is kind of appealing! There is certainly a lot of variety as well as fun, provided ... more/mehr



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