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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Pink Cream 69 Ceremonial
Six years after their last studio record, the German band Pink Cream 69 are back with „Ceremonial“. This time, they took their time to let the record mature and the long waiting was worth it. Already the opener track “Land of Confusion” shows the band at their best. Singer David Readman sounds confident as always on records, and ... more/mehr


Pirates of the Caribbean: Am Ende der Welt Soundtrack
Movie soundtracks can be slightly frustrating if you have not seen the film (yet), and also here the pleasure has its limits. Admittedly composer Hans Zimmer manages again to picture (acoustically) the fantastic Pirate world, sometimes a track makes you see a wild fencing duel or a tottering Captain Jack Sparrow. Without story context ... more/mehr


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man´s Chest Soundtrack
Orchestral bombast including some calmer parts and even some scary techno stuff is what you can expect if you listen to the soundtrack of „Pirates of the Caribbean 2“. And I found it kind of disappointing because the composer Klaus Badelt, alumnus of Hans Zimmer (who is said to have worked on the soundtrack, too) could have included ... more/mehr


Pit of Doom Atonement
„Atonement“ is already the second full-length record of the German band Pit of Doom. What began as a rock band has turned into a pure Death Metal combo who, however, still pays tribute to past days with the occasional clean vocal parts. Music-wise, the threesome tries to include melodies and sometimes this also works.

After ... more/mehr


Pitfall Great Sacrifice, The
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr



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