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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Pest Rest In Morbid Darkness
The Swedes Pest play simple traditional Black Metal without compromise. The band has been existing for more than 10 years and does not intend and will not depart from the original idea. Pest is simple, fast, brutal, and the albums sound like demo recordings.

Rest In Morbid Darkness is the third album of the band. It is not ... more/mehr


Pete Blume Nichts ändern (EP)
Already in 2003 diese EP war released, first as a demo version. The quartet reminds one of the German band Echt (but with deduction) while the music is a bit harder. However, the Hamburgers are not able to offer something really innovative, this kind of rock has been there many times, but it is also not really bad. The problem is, ... more/mehr


Philiae The Dawn Of A New Error
“Post Industrial Rock”. That’s what Philiae call their music. So I guess “post” means not really being either one. In fact, the band works best when they just concentrate on being a normal rock band. The sound is close to what bands like Die Krupps sounded like 15 years ago, and even though you’re trying to be “post”-something doesn’t ... more/mehr


Phonodrive Music
Phonodrive have been working hard for years in a pragmatic way. The most known contribution of this German band was 2003 the title-track for the ARD TV series „Klassentreffen“. „I don´t care“, you might say. Wrong. Because Phondrive´s quality appeals also live on stage, no matter if in Deutschland, Scandinavia or Australia.
Their ... more/mehr


Photonensurfer Neue Weltordnung
There are many household remedies to fight insomnia. If they don´t work try Photonensurfer´s debut. The start isn´t sensational and the album continues like that. The extremely whiny vocals that encode the German lyrics into something unintelligible do not really help. Perhaps the term Indiepop gives an idea what genre the band is ... more/mehr



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