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Principe Valiente Choirs Of Blessed Youth
The 80s: Analog synthesizer had evolved into digital, 25-polyphonic. The pop-sky was pink and freshly blow-dried. But next to the paradise of the commercial blissful Aha and Modern Talking sounds spread - coming from punk and experimental lowlands - the shadow.

The shadow ran through the rock and was later called goth rock. ... more/mehr


Prinz Chaos II Tsunami Surfer
The music on Prinz Chaos IIīs third full-length album comes across as easy going, cheerful and just as colorful as the booklet. This is so pleasing to the ear and makes me want to dance so much, that it would be easy to forget listening to the words. Yet, those who donīt listen will miss the outstanding, critical and often snappy ... more/mehr


Privateer The Traitors
"We are leading metal to the highlights!!!!" is the headline in the booklet of Privateerīs first album "The Traitors", a quite daring statement for a debut album. Yet, the Melodic Metal songs on "The Traitors" prove to be real ear candy. Singer Pudel reminds not only because of his curly hair but also because of his voice talent ... more/mehr


Pro-Pain Absolute Power
19 years in the business, 13 studio albums under their belt (some bands donīt even manage to make two albums) and still full of pain. On the cover of Absolute Power you see a revolutionary fist raised to the sky but how much revolution is then on the record, really? Not much – itīs just typical American metalcore with admittedly ... more/mehr


Profane Omen Inherit The Void
"Inherit the Void" is the second CD of the band Profane Omen, founded over a decade ago and slowly building itself into one of Finland’s most praised acts. The album, produced by Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow, was originally released in Finland 2009 and reached the top 10 in the charts. Now it will be re-released worldwide by Spinefarm ... more/mehr



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