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Pretty Maids It Comes Alive - Maid in Switzerland DVD/LIVE CD
Since 1981 the gentlemen of Pretty Maids have been painting the town red and enriching the Heavy Metal scene with records like “Red, Hot and Heavy”, “Future World” or their last release “Pandemonium”.

Now after more than 30 years band history, the Maids release their first LIVE CD/DVD “ It Comes Alive – Maid in Switzerland”, ... more/mehr


Pretty Maids Motherland
Pretty Maids were the first rock band I ever saw live and even today, they still mean something very special to me. I just love their songs and live, the band has always been great. But they have never been one of those bands I could listen to on record and that´s because singer Ronnie Atkins voice always sounded very different on ... more/mehr


Pretty Maids Louder Than Ever
The Danes Pretty Maids seem to be in top form at the moment. Every year, they release a new record and each one is better than the next. After extensively celebrating their 30-year anniversary and releasing the DVD “It comes Alive – Maids in Switzerland”, the Maids released the album “Motherland” last year. Perhaps, there were some ... more/mehr


Primal Fear Unbreakable
Those who buy an album of Primal Fear know what they want - and they get it: pure Heavy Metal! “Unbreakable” is no disappointment regarding this point either. The “German Metal Commando” delivers 11 new tracks. These 11 tracks are, at first, not so easy on the ear as their earlier material from “Nuclear Fire” and “Seven Seals”. But ... more/mehr


Primordial To The Nameless Dead
Wow, an incredible powerful sound hits you right in the face! Primordial release with „To The Nameless Dead“ their sixth Album, the second for Metal Blade. And I don´t want to mention more of the history of this band, founded 1987 in Dublin, because the guys experienced pretty much everything from a rough start to pure Spinal Tap. ... more/mehr



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