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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Playgrounded Athens
Greek progressive rock band Playgrounded was founded in 2007. Since 2010, they have been playing with the current line-up and now released their first album “Athens”. A great debut, whose complexity and power became clear to only me after several listens. One can dive into its soundscapes that offer a bit of electronica here, some ... more/mehr


Pleasures, The Cuming Out
"To be played at maximum volume! Nothing changed since Ziggy!" – the info booklets of this single are to the point: in Rocky Horror Picture Show style the glam-punk quintet rocks its way through the five songs. After taking a closer look at the pictures and lyrics, there's not a dry eye left. Only point of criticism: in order to ... more/mehr


Poema Arcanus Timeline Symmetry
A quote from the band info: "Probably one of the finest undiscovered treasures from South America, POEMA ARCANVS are here to prove that a continent that is rarely connected to metal over here in Europe, can, if they want to! Poema Arcanvs was brought to life in 1992 in Santiago, Chile. They strived hard for creating something new, ... more/mehr


Poets of the Fall Temple of Thought
The latest Poets of the Fall album Temple of Thought was released in March and itīs been on Finlandīs official best selling album listing ever since. The album is, both in good and bad, clearly recognisable PotF material. The band has a signature style and sound, and is quite sturdily keeping to it. Which, in this case, meant that ... more/mehr


Pogues, The Streams Of Whiskey
Danceable Punk combined with Irish Folk, this is the successful recipe that The Pogues have been touring with since 1984. Basically The Pogues are a Live band, and although I never had the pleasure to see those Irish guys with their rough manners on stage, but you just close your eyes and you find yourself in a small smoky music ... more/mehr



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