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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Parzivals Eye Fragments
Dear friends of sophisticated music in the Prog/Artrock sector, lend me your ears. In case youīre still looking for the perfect CD for those cold autumn month, you should maybe check out "Fragment" from Parzivals Eye.
This is the solo debut of RPWL bassist Christ Postl. Seems as if this guy has quite some good connections, maybe ... more/mehr


Pathfinder Fifth Element
Pathfinder are a Polish Metal band that already exists for 6 years and now releases its 3rd album. The band members themselves describe their style of music as a combination of classic music, film scores and a variety of Heavy Metal. All in all, this classification is correct but it is important to point out that Heavy Metal is absolutely ... more/mehr


Paths of Possession The End of the Hour
Paths of Possession are a not quite so new side project of Cannibal Corpse-Shouter George ``Corpsegrinder`` Fisher. For about 7 years the Americans - nowadays with some new people in several positions - have been playing their Swedish-style Death Metal. Contrary to Cannibal Corpse here itīs not pure aggression, speed and violence ... more/mehr


Paul Camilleri Another Sad Godbye
Blues fans watch out! Here is a fresh sound to make you have the blues. In different ways the individual songs are presented with much drive. Just turn you CD-player a bit louder in order to experience the well mixed sound and the catchy melodies that have an special power. Unfortunately however one feels after a while, as if one ... more/mehr


Paul Epic South of Heaven, North of Hell
Well, somehow very impressive! Paul Epic – power lifting world champion, professional motorcycle racer and skydiver, is definitely an adrenalin junkie! Seems that these fields of activity have been exhausted, therefore he`s searching for the next kick in rock music. As you would expect he`s very convincing in this part too, with ... more/mehr



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