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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Panychida Grief for an Idol
This band from the Czech Republic ( Plzeň) had already impressed me with their show at Eine In Teich festival (you can find the report in the special section) – and also the new Panychida CD appeals to me a lot. “Grief for an Idol” is somewhat a debut, at least in the western hemisphere. In their home country the band has already ... more/mehr


Papa Roach F.E.A.R.
Papa Roach blasted their latest creation into my auditory canal and it will stay there for a while. The majority of the songs in F.E.A.R groove, have some hooks, intelligent texts and fat riffs –in short: the most are catchy tunes going round in your head.

Singer, Jacoby Shaddix fought with alcohol and drug addiction and ... more/mehr


Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
That’s it! Pure darkness, perfect melancholy melodies and death groove. Paradise Lost doesn’t have mercy, so smash your skate and surfboards, summer is not coming, not this year. Close your curtains, turn your stereo all the way up and let this album take you to the lost paradise. The album is not only full of beautiful melodies, ... more/mehr


Paradox Now this is neon
A funky bass flirts with the groovy synths, plus a crazy rock guitar - "No Compromise" pulls effective the auditory meatus on the dance floor. The next song follows first surprisingly quiet and atmospheric with a pinch of Shoegaze, but then turns to be rocking. But the synths do not weaken the already battered from the first song ... more/mehr


Paragon Revenge
A not so innovative title and a not so innovative sound is what the Hamburg based band Paragon offer us with their current, seventh album "Revenge". That doesn't have to be a problem, as long as the quality of the songs is good. They haven't turned away from their classic heavy metal Hamburg school sound at all, ... more/mehr



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