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Parricide Patogen
A scream orgy of a special kind is served by the Poles of Parricide, who have been pleasing their fans for about 16 years now with music of the harder sort. With “Patogen” Parricide now offer their fourth album and this is really a great one.

Soon after the beating intro follow hard guitar riffs, hammering drums and grunting ... more/mehr


Parryzide Violated Humanity
The German four performs on their debut album Trash/Speed Metal, which particular reminds one of Bay Area or Pantera. That you hear within the cheaper production is not necessary negative. The singer sounds like a mixture of Phil Anselmo and Sepultura’s Max, but always with the certain charm of Tom Angelripper. The drums get forward ... more/mehr


Party Animals Light A Fan Cool
Hailing from Udine, Italy, the Party Animals, like their name already suggests, want to provide the soundtrack for the Rock´n´Roll party of the century. Their first EP “Rock´n´Roll” received favourable reviews but the band had to cope with the departure of singer Sabrina, who left the band in February 2013. The open post at the mic ... more/mehr


Parzival Urheimat
This Russian band is pursuing a totally different direction altogether. They are considered to be the fathers of the Russian ElectroRock scene. Thus, the album contains lots of ElectroRock elements spiced up with well-balanced vocals throughout, clean-lined songs and a strong rhythm fraction. Therefore, they perfectly add to the ... more/mehr


Parzival Casta
In the the new production "Casta" of the originating from Copenhagen project PARZIVAL the heavy, northern force meets the exotic temper of Indian ethnic sounds - cinematically, massive and portentous. A soundtrack as for a movie in which treks a huge oriental medieval army through wide landscapes. Blaring fanfare, percussion and ... more/mehr



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