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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Pitpony Greetings, Changeling
The Berlin trio Pitpony, who´ve already rocked the underground scene since 2008, recently released their second album. According to the band info, their sound is a mixture of Postrock, Noiserock, Hardcore, with a pinch of electro, a hint of Psychedelic and a bit of Dub.

Already with the first track ”Greetings, Changeling“ ... more/mehr


Placenta Fixed Action Pattern
The German Deathcore band, Placenta came out with a new record, Fixed Action Pattern and it is filled with songs with strange names (3 Minute Rape, Puking Reverse is a Slow Motion Massacre, etc) filled with a whole lot of oomph. Like the genre itself, it is just about impossible to listen to this album for longer than the playing ... more/mehr


Plan E bassonova
The Finns put themselves on the Psychedelic Dark Music shelf, sort of surprising if you discover former Impaled Nazarene members amo ng the line-up... Plan E have been around since 1995 with changing line-up and luck, the Italian label My Kingdom Music hopefully provides some more stability in their professional future. I´m not an ... more/mehr


Plans Abroad
Having a history as a vocalist, guitarist and bassist in different metal bands as well as a producer, Aleksi Ahokas is now trying a new path with alternative rock band Plans. The Helsinki based four piece band has just released their first mini album “Abroad“. The three tracks are good, listenable alt rock music, nothing more, nothing ... more/mehr


Player Too Many Reasons
The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this record cover was a childhood memory. Every morning, I was passionately following the daily intrigues and lover´s oaths of the good looking Ridge Forrester and co of one of the most successful US soap operas (The Bold and the Beautiful) on tv with my mom. Ronn Moss, who played the ... more/mehr



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