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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Pain of Salvation Road Salt One
PAIN OF SALAVTION and their mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw have always been really unpredictable, therefore their new ouput is again a big surprise. Or, if you want to express it like that, this is therefore NO surprise.
The songs contained on this record fit into two categories: rock songs with an alternative touch on the one ... more/mehr


Pale Fall, The Life Sleeps (Demo)
The demo of The Pale Fall contains three tracks, which are situated anywhere between gothic metal and depressive dark pop. The opener “We Lay In The Moment” is more or less monotone, but nevertheless moving, because the singing of Paul Kearns is full of emotion and fits well to the soft guitar sounds. The following numer “The Sweet ... more/mehr


Palindrome Bundle These Last Scattered Synapses
Pure chaos is the first thing that comes to my mind after listening to this record. Whatever the definition of Math Prog Rock it, for me it´s an inscrutable chaos of different instruments, sounds and melodies that somehow don´t really fit together; plus there´s the screechy and a bit crazy voice of singer Rosa. With their sound, ... more/mehr


Panchrysia Deathcult Salvation
Alright, there are two good bands from Belgium. Besides Aborted, also Panchrysia have astound me. “Deathcult Salvation” is a brilliant release, it’s brutal and original at the same time. These days it’s not that easy to find your own style, especially in the black metal genre but Panchrysia did a great job. The album is a creative ... more/mehr


Pandemonium Hellspawn
You can never go wrong with Polish Death Metal and this proves to be true once again in case of Pandemonium and their 2007 CD „Hellspawn“ (however, we received it only now in 2010). This piece of evilness is dark, it´s gloomy, it´s typical Polish Death Metal with a portion of Thrash.

Like their colleagues in this genre, ... more/mehr



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