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Godcomplex Symptoms Of A Serious Defect
Symptoms Of A Serious Defect is Godcomplex' first full-length album - It's a bastard between Thrash, Death and Black Metal. Although it is their debut CD, it is obvious that the guys are not greenhorns. All members have up to 15 years of experience, playing in other local bands. And the sound clearly reflects their know-how: The ... more/mehr


Goddass My Beautiful Sin
The Italians Goddass have done a lot already, despite their young age - average 20 years - and the short band history (since 2004), playing a lot of shows all over Europe and producing 2 CDs and one EP themselves. Now they snatched a record deal and release their official debut, produced by Matt Hyde (Machine Head, Bullet For My ... more/mehr


Gods Will Be Done
Gods Will Be Done are Thrash Metal, and pretty straight into-the-face Metal. But this is the reason why those guys, who have been playing together since 2005, are really good. When you listen to their 5-track demo, you will be pleased first by the excellent sound, then by the diversity that makes every song something special, and ... more/mehr


Godslave In Hell
Godslave are a part of the German Metal scene since 2008. They already released 4 EPs and one full length album. “In Hell” is now their 2nd studio album and it sounds pretty good from the first second on. Especially, the guitarists are playing one shredding riff after another. Also drums and bass are doing their parts for an awesome ... more/mehr


Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks – Underdog World Strike
Nomen est omen: this punk-rock meets gypsy, a mixture of Ukrainian folk songs and a clear tendency towards Anarcho. When you name yourself after the brothel of a Russian author, you play punk-rock with a lot of heart, soul and alcohol. The tendency towards drama, on and off stage, is also audible on the album: the self-proclaimed ... more/mehr



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